Merge Mine - Idle Clicker

Merge Mine - Idle Clicker



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What is Merge Mine - Idle Clicker?

Merge Mine - Idle Clicker is an exhilarating mining adventure game where players dig through various layers of the earth to unearth precious gems and rare metals. This game masterfully blends the thrill of discovery with the addictive simplicity of clicker games, transporting players into a world filled with glittering possibilities and endless fun.

How to Play

  • Click or Tap: Simply click or tap on the screen to start mining.
  • Collect and Merge Ores: As you delve deeper into the crust, collect various ores which can be merged and upgraded for higher yield.
  • Idle Progression: The game's progress continues even when you're not playing, offering an intriguing mix of active gameplay and idle progression.

Tips and Tricks

  • Merge Ores: Always merge your ores whenever possible to greatly increase their value.
  • Frequent Check-Ins: Don't forget to check back frequently, as your tiny miner continues working even when you're away.
  • Early Upgrades: Invest in upgrades early to significantly boost your productivity.


  • Infinite Gameplay: The mining never ends!
  • Merge Mechanic: Combine ores to increase their value.
  • Idle Progression: Continue earning even when off-game!
  • Diverse Materials: Discover a variety of ores and gems.
  • Addictive: Simple yet engaging clicker mechanism.

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