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In Jumper Starman, players will navigate through a pixelated world fraught with obstacles and enemies. This arcade-style game is a homage to classic platformers and offers various levels of difficulty designed to challenge your skills. Our protagonist, the Starman, has fallen from his spaceship to Earth and it's your mission to help him return home. Jump, glide and dodge your way to victory before his life support runs out!

What is Jumper Starman?

Jumper Starman is an exhilarating arcade-style game that challenges players to guide the Starman through perilous environments back to his spaceship. Set in a pixelated world reminiscent of classic platformers, the game offers a captivating narrative alongside thrilling gameplay.

How to Play

  • In this game, timing is everything. Use keyboard controls or touch controls on mobile devices to make the Starman jump flawlessly through six different environments fraught with dangerous enemies.
  • Ensure that you beat the clock, utilize your floating abilities tactically, and reach the rocket before Starman's life and vital gas deplete.

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid enemies by well-timed jumps or tire them out by keeping a safe distance.
  • Make use of float mechanics wisely - it can be used as a safeguard against pitfalls or obstacle-filled terrain.
  • Always keep an eye on the timer - every second counts in Jumper Starman!


  • Six varied environments with unique obstacles and enemies.
  • Innovative floating mechanics alongside traditional jumping gameplay.
  • A captivating narrative of an alien's journey back home.
  • Increasingly challenging difficulty curves tailored for all skill levels.

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