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Geometry Dash Windy Circles: A Challenging Remake of Nine Circles

Geometry Dash Windy Circles is an Insane Demon level in the popular rhythm-based platforming game, Geometry Dash. Created by the talented level designer KeiAs, this level is notorious for its high level of difficulty and its status as a remake of Nine Circles, another challenging level in the game. In this article, we will explore the gameplay and unique features of Windy Circles, as well as some interesting trivia about its creation and evolution.

I. Gameplay:

The journey through Windy Circles begins with an invisible jump, a deceptive start that catches many players off guard. As the level progresses, players are confronted with a cube section filled with intricate timings and tricks, demanding a strategic approach to overcome the obstacles. The challenges keep escalating as the player transitions into a mini-ship section, where precise flying and navigating through tight spaces are required while passing through gravity portals.

Following the mini-ship segment, players enter a ball section, which also demands precise timing and mastering certain tricks to progress. The level continues with a moderately tight ship segment featuring yet another gravity portal. The difficulty spikes as the player reaches the drop of the level, requiring impeccable timing to navigate through a blue jump orb without crashing.

The real challenge lies ahead as the player enters the Nine Circles triple speed wave segment. This part is marked by extremely tight spaces, unconventional gravity portals, and memory sections that test the player's reflexes and memory retention. The intensity doesn't let up as the wave transforms into a dual wave, starting out mini but expanding later on. Another wave section follows, similar to the first one, before transitioning into an auto mini-wave section.

The latter half of the level presents another wave segment with some parts set on auto-mode, offering brief moments of respite amid the otherwise intense gameplay. Players must carefully gauge when to release controls and when to hold on to pass through these segments successfully. The level concludes with a half-speed mini-wave segment, testing the player's endurance one last time before reaching the finish line.

II. Unique Visuals and Decoration:

Windy Circles stands out for its unique visual design and decoration, reminiscent of the original Nine Circles level. The non-wave sections of the level undergo periodic color changes, captivating players with dynamic visuals that add to the level's challenge. The wave segments employ a striking white color scheme with a flashing background that constantly cycles through different colors. Additionally, the wave segments feature several distinct backgrounds, enhancing the visual appeal of the level.

III. Trivia:

  1. Object Count and Difficulty: Windy Circles contains a staggering 10,925 objects, which contributes to its complex gameplay and challenging nature. Despite its difficulty, it remains a favorite among skilled players seeking a formidable test.

  2. Evolution and Name Change: The level has undergone updates to increase its difficulty, making it even more challenging than its original version. Initially known as "Windfall," the level's design has evolved over time, incorporating new elements to push players' skills to the limit.

  3. Remake of Nine Circles: Windy Circles is recognized as one of the more difficult remakes of Nine Circles, a level that has inspired various challenging iterations within the Geometry Dash community. It has gained popularity for its gameplay intricacies and unique visual style.


Geometry Dash Windy Circles is a remarkable creation by KeiAs that pushes players' skills to their limits. With its demanding gameplay, unique visual design, and connection to the iconic Nine Circles level, Windy Circles has secured its place among the most challenging levels in the Geometry Dash universe. As players continue to take on the daring adventure of Windy Circles, it will remain a testament to the creativity and passion of the Geometry Dash community.

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